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Ghost Writer: If you would and or are wanting to write a book, but do not have the time, no worries. I have two books currently available for purchase; I self published one, and I won Amazon Best Selling Author award! You can check out my books by clicking here.

Go to my contact page to discuss the options to bring your ideas to life!

Book Consultation: Writing a book can be challenging. You have to make sure the content is not only catchy, but you have to put it together where it would make sense to your audience. I am more than happy to go over your book and provide feedback on the direction you should and or could go. With this book consultation, you will have my undivided attention and I will help you put together your book, so you can have a successful and profitable book. 

Package One $150: 1 hour book consultation will include:

  • Go over your rough draft.
  • Define your “why” for writing  your book.

Package Two $250: 2 hour book consultation will include:

  • Go over your rough draft.
  • Define your “Why” for writing your book.
  • Go over your plot.
  • Talk about your characters.

Package Three $350: 3 hour book consultation will include:

  • Go over your rough draft.
  • Define your “why” for writing your book.
  • Go over your plot.
  • Talk about your characters.
  •  Discuss publishing options.
  • Discuss/map out a marketing plan to maximize exposure for your book.
  • Discuss in detail the chapter (s) you are having a hard time with.
  • Brainstorm ideas for book covers and how to catch your target audience attention.
  •  Help with word play.

Resume/Interview Building: Are you having trouble with getting an interview? Have you applied to numerous of jobs, but no one is contacting you back? Or are you someone who is getting the interviews, but not getting the job offer? I know applying and waiting for jobs to call you back can be highly frustrating. No worries, I can help!

While I cannot guarantee you will get the job offer, I can guarantee that you and your resume will stand out.  All I ask is for you to send me what you have, answer my questionnaire, and schedule a time for the interview role play (either in person or via Skype). You will have your resume returned to you within 24-48 hours. I will send you a copy of what I have and you can make any needed changes, and you must send it back to me within 24 hours. You will have your finale copy by the end of the next day. Your interview role play must be scheduled within 24-48 hours of you sending your resume back to me.

  • Resume Package $85 and up: Just the resume.
  • Interview Role Play $125 and up: Acting out a scenario for how it would/could go in your interview.
  • Resume and Interview Role Play Package $200 and up:Will have new copy of resume and will go over how to ace your interview.

Relationship Coaching:

Being single has been looked at in a negative light within our society. Although, being in a committed relationship is great, being single is a blessing. Being single until you meet someone who is worth being in your space is a blessing. Think about it, you do not have to deal with the constant drama and or let downs. Instead, you can enjoy your peace. We are all single at some point in our life. However, you can decide today to not let being single deter you from living a joy filled life.

Hiring me as your relationship coach will help you to embrace being single and help you plan and prepare for a successful committed relationship.

Rule number one, you teach the world how to treat you, by loving yourself!

 Lets change the rules of being single and embrace the journey.

Check out details below!

Sessions are $125:

brief overview of session

  • Sessions last for about half an hour.
  • Talk about your objectives/goals for wanting a relationship
  • Define a new definition of being single. 
  • Why you want a relationship coach.
  • Discuss some of your long/short-term goals.
  • Free daily affirmation book.
  • Questionnaire provided. 

Check out my certification here: Award C

*To purchase a package, please fill out the contact forum. I will email you within 24 hours. Within the email, please provide which service you are seeking and a detailed description for what you are hoping to accomplish. Click here.