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You’re A Super Hero

I look at being a mom as, “I’m a Superhero”.
I carried a life for 9 (technically 10) months.
I watched as my body rearranged itself into ways I didn’t even think were possible, in order to prepare for me to bring a life into the world.
I felt life on the inside of me. Kicking, moving around, hiccups, and listening to the heart beat at doctor appointments.
I followed apps that showed me week by week the progress of what was manifesting inside of me.
I ached with pain as my body prepared itself to release a life in the world.
Even with an epidural, I felt life come out of me. I still remember that feeling of the doctor placing my warm baby on my chest for the very first time.
I watched as my breast filled with milk, releasing itself when it got too full, and I watched the same breast nurse and nourish a child.
God deemed me good enough. God deemed it necessary for me to experience this. I’ve always felt it was my duty as a woman to reproduce, and aide in keeping humanity going. God declared that I was ready to take on that job.
I gave life to a future doctor or lawyer or artist or musician or writer or feminist or whatever she decides to be. I helped create a new generation.
And for that, I am a Superhero! Whenever I get discouraged, scared or frightened by the things that life throws my way. I literally tell myself “You birthed a child. You brought LIFE into this world. You’re a superhero and if you did that, you can do anything!” 
Until next time xoxo
Written by: Bree Frye
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