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Postpartum Is Real

The thing no one likes to talk about...

Depression is real. 

Post-Partum depression is real.

Stay at home mom depression is real.

Nobody likes to talk about these things. I feel like it was touched on while I was pregnant but, not really TALKED about. My pregnancy was good physically but, emotionally and mentally, it was not the best. I lost a lot of support. Friends ditched me. Family abandoned me. I had people but, I lost a lot of people that I thought would always be there.

So, after I had my baby I fell into a really dark place. A place I’ve never been before. As the months went on, it was really up and down...mostly down. I felt like I was failing myself. However, I fought every day to not fail my daughter. I didn’t want to go anywhere, talk to anyonebarely wanted to shower, let alone wash my hair. 

I began meditating. Forcing myself out the bedthe house. Working on problems that could be solvedone problem at a time. We as humans tend to overwhelm ourselves and worry about a million things at once. I had to tell myself to stop worrying because, I can only handle one thing at a time, no matter the importance. I live by this now and that life is a Journey. We’re on a long road and have no idea where it’s going to take us. 

No matter how much we plan, try to redirect or get knocked down along the way, we are on a journey and we have to Embrace it. 

Until next time xoxo

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Written by: Bree Frye

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You’re A Super Hero

I look at being a mom as, “I’m a Superhero”.
I carried a life for 9 (technically 10) months.
I watched as my body rearranged itself into ways I didn’t even think were possible, in order to prepare for me to bring a life into the world.
I felt life on the inside of me. Kicking, moving around, hiccups, and listening to the heart beat at doctor appointments.
I followed apps that showed me week by week the progress of what was manifesting inside of me.
I ached with pain as my body prepared itself to release a life in the world.
Even with an epidural, I felt life come out of me. I still remember that feeling of the doctor placing my warm baby on my chest for the very first time.
I watched as my breast filled with milk, releasing itself when it got too full, and I watched the same breast nurse and nourish a child.
God deemed me good enough. God deemed it necessary for me to experience this. I’ve always felt it was my duty as a woman to reproduce, and aide in keeping humanity going. God declared that I was ready to take on that job.
I gave life to a future doctor or lawyer or artist or musician or writer or feminist or whatever she decides to be. I helped create a new generation.
And for that, I am a Superhero! Whenever I get discouraged, scared or frightened by the things that life throws my way. I literally tell myself “You birthed a child. You brought LIFE into this world. You’re a superhero and if you did that, you can do anything!” 
Until next time xoxo
Written by: Bree Frye
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