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Momming Is Hard

Being a mom is hard! Lol. I don’t know if our moms, the women in our lives, or Clair Huxable, and Aunt Viv made this look easy. However, it’s hard! I’ve been a mom for exactly one year and a day today. I’ve been “mommy Bree” for exactly 2 years,7 months, and 23 days, to be exact.

Being a mother to two girls is hard! Im not only a mother, but I am a momprenuer. That means that I have two full time jobs that never stops. My mind is always racing, there are always people touching me! Don’t get me started on the anxiety and depression spells.

I don’t know how our moms and infamous TV show moms made this look so easy. However, I do know that being a mom is an instinct. You just get it. It’s like something clicks the moment you look in your babies eyes. I’ve lived 26 years, but my true journey really began one year and one day ago.

Until next time xoxo

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Written by: Bree Frye

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