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The 3 Ms: Marriage, Motherhood, & Myself

Being a mommy and a wife is such a blessing! Everyday I get to share my life with two people who mean the world to me. It is so fulfilling to put a smile on their faces. The two of them are my entire heart!

The love I have for my husband and daughter pushes me to strive to be the best wife and mother that I can be. From dawn to dusk, I dedicate myself to being all I can be for them and I won’t ever regret it! But one thing that I could do a lot better at, is taking care of myself. I have to remember to go just as hard for myself! The day my daughter was born I said that my life is no longer my own. But that’s only partially true. My life is not JUST my own anymore.

So, I am putting myself back on my to-do list! I am going to take time to do the things that I enjoy and that my mind, body, and soul needs! I am going to be the example that my daughter needs by loving myself beyond words, so that she always values herself and knows that she too is important. We try to be everything for everyone but we won’t be any good for anyone if we dont first take care of ourselves. 

Until next time xoxo

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Written by: Alexis Gillis

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