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Motivational Monday

It’s Monday again!

Which is a great way to start your week of the right way. Whatever happened last week…FORGET ABOUT IT!

Do not let what happened last week or even yesterday interfere with today. Let today be the day you start fresh. Let today be the day you rock out your goals. Let today be the day you say YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!

Remember, it is not about what you did not do. It is about what you did do when things did not go as you planned. It’s about picking yourself up and dusting off your shoulders; get back to it.

Giving up or quitting should never be an option! I challenge you this week to do something you did not do last week to achieve your goal(s). If you failed to get up early…get up early tomorrow. Set your alarm clock so you do. If you failed to reach your sale goals last week…put in double the effort so you do this week. If you did not go to the gym…start working out at home this week. If you did not take time out to work on that story….carve out time in your planner to do so.

This week is all about recognizing where you could’ve done more, and maximizing your time this week. It’s about moving forward. So, I challenge you to move forward and rock out your goals!

Happy Monday!!!

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