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Cut The Excuse And Make Time!

As I sat and cried about how I had/have so much to accomplish in such little time and how I did not have the time, I opened my email. 

Come to my surprise, I found a tad bit of inspiration that helped me to reconsider a few things.

I hope this is as helpful for you a it was for me!


You can never find time.

For anything in your life,
If you’re looking for time,
It’s never going to be found.

You have to create time.

According to me,
True success in your life,
Will be when you can manage your time.

Time management is true success.

When a man has time to do all of the things,
The duties,
The varieties,
The fun,
Whatever it may be,

When you have the time to do everything you want to do in your life,
That’s the day you will be successful.

So you have to create the time.

-Hrithik Roshan

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