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Hello Friday

Monday was the day you just floated to your daily activities, because you stayed up late Sunday night.

Tuesday is just a blah kinda day, because it is the second day in the week and you really would rather be anywhere than at work.

Wednesday is the day you say hello to your coworkers because, you only have two days left to see them.

Thursday is the day you walk into work with not a care in sight, because tomorrow is payday and the start of a beautiful weekend.

Hello Friday! Now you have time to relax and be irresponsible. Friday is the start of a long 2.5 day (s) break from work.

You can go out on a date…hang with friends…or do nothing. It is your choice! However, whatever you do, please remember to have fun!!!! Let me know what your weekend plans are 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hello Friday

  1. cute post! I will be attending another college basketball game this weekend ;). BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    1. Thanks. That’s awesome!!! You have to let me know how it goes. And awe thanks sooooo much!!! This was just the perfect way to start my weekend 😊

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