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Thank You!

Thank you for all of the broken promises you made. You taught me that a man is only good by the actions he shows.

Thank you for telling me to be realistic about my dreams and aspirations in life. You taught me to never settle in life and to hell what others say.

Thank you for walking out on me. You taught me to never depend on someone to always be there.

Thank you for the fake tears. You taught me that any living human being can fake a tear or two.

Thank your mom for telling me I was not good enough for you. You helped me to realize, it was in fact you who was not good enough for me.

Thank you for loving me incorrectly. You taught me love is when you love unselfishly.

Thank you for breaking my heart. You showed me to learn to love myself. Loving myself was the greatest gift I could ever give to my future, now current man.

Thank you for showing me all of the qualities I could never want in a man.


Sincerely yours truly,


Doing better without you!

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