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Motivational Monday

Happy Monday guys!

I hope your Monday is going fine and dandy 🙂

As you may know from previous posts, I get some inspiration delivered directly to my email.

I love Eric Thomas! He is an amazing speaker and he is very inspiring!

I figured I would share with you one of his inspirational quotes today! Check it out below:


Work on yourself.
Work on your focus.

You cannot stop.
You got to work.
The problem with you,
Is you see difficult,
As something negative.

I want you to see difficult differently.

I need you to push through that stuff.
Push through it!

You can get through it.

The more you go through,
The more difficult it is,
The more challenging it is,
The harder it is,

All you’re doing baby
Is building muscle!

-Eric Thomas.

I always feel that when I read inspiring quotes or sayings in the morning, evening, or night, it helps with my day. I have decided to do 4 days of inspiration about life in general.

Within the next 3 days, I hope to inspire you to become a better version of yourself, to get all that God has for you, and to go after your dreams!

If you would like to receive a email notification  or are needing words of encouragement in a certain area, please follow me or send me a email. That way I can make sure I am addressing the area of need for you.

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